Roger L. Simon

Interview with Israeli Amb. Michael Oren, Part 2: Iran - Will Sanctions Work?

The second part of my PJTV interview with Michael Oren is now up. You can see it here. Part one is here.

In the second part, the Israeli Ambassador delves more deeply into what to do about Iran. Not surprisingly, he favors severe sanctions. Does he think they will work? It’s hard to tell. But between the lines, I suspect not. He only gives them a few months. As for military action by Israel or the US, he does not, as they say, take them off the table. He does not say more, however, and it’s absurd to think that he would. In fact, the idea that he would disclose that kind of information, assuming he knows it, in an interview is ludicrous.


A full transcription of the interview is available here.

Meanwhile, events continue in Iran. For the latest from inside, I suggest you consult Planet Iran. As for the events at UC Irvine on Monday, we will continue to cover the fallout on Pajamas Media. More to come.

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