Roger L. Simon

Iran: the non-talk talks

Could anybody with an IQ in the proverbial triple digits be surprised how the Iran nuclear weapons talks are playing out? There’s nothing perplexing about it at all, as the mullahs delay any way they can while going about the business of building their atomic arsenal. The only slightly interesting drama is the Russians. My guess is they can’t really decide what to do. On the one hand, a nuclear armed Iranian regime is a great thorn in the side of the hated USA; on the other they know as well as anybody that the mullahs are crazy. Who wants a religious lunatic with an A-bomb on your border?

Interesting conundrum. I suspect the Russians are crazy enough themselves (a majority evidently still love Comrade Stalin) to come down in favor of the mullahs, but we shall see. Or not. Events could take over. It doesn’t seem that anybody has a real plan – anybody that’s talking about it anyway.