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Gay rights: another reason I'm Obama's worst fan

Somehow or other I wind up on the opposite side of every argument with Barack Obama (Iran, Honduras, healthcare, the economy, you name it) – and that includes gay rights, where I am in agreement with left/liberal gay bloggers like John Avarosis and conservative gay bloggers like Dan Blatt that the President has been pretty much all talk and no action. (So what else is new?) Furthermore, Obama has been considerably weaker on the same-sex marriage issue than the supposedly-reviled Dick Cheney.


Therefore, as one of those on the right (or sort of on the right – you know I don’t care for such distinctions) who supports gay marriage, I was pleased to invite those two gentlemen on PJTV yesterday to discuss the recent blogosphere brouhaha that stemmed from some Obama minion dissing left-bloggers who criticized the President’s views and actions on the issue as (once again!) “pajama-clad.”

Are they trying to give us publicity? Never mind. I thought both John and Dan were extremely good on the show and we would welcome them back to continue the discussion any time.

Meanwhile, it gave me the opportunity to float a personal “hobby-horse.” I think marriage should be taken entirely out of the hands of the government. The state should only do civil unions with all consenting adult couples treated equally before the law irrespective of sexual orientation. Furthermore, as Avarosis pointed out, under current legislation, married couples have a number of preferences over those with civil unions. That should end. (It should end now anyway.)

Then non-governmental organizations – churches, synagogues, mosques, other groups – could determine which couples they would like to “marry” of whatever sexual preference. Marriage is, after all, an emotional/spiritual bonding between two people, usually accompanied by a celebration of family and friends. Why do we need the government for that? Indeed, as an adamant backer of the separation of church and state, I would like the state to keep its manipulative and self-interested mitts out of it.


Of course, as Blatt quickly reminded me, this is about as likely to happen as Kobe Bryant is to marry Shaquille O’Neal. (No, he didn’t use that analogy. But you get the point.)

Once again, you can check out Dan and John here.

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