Roger L. Simon

Cantor vs. Obama on Israel - another ACORN grows

Barack Obama continues to place Israel in the cross-hairs with repeated rhetoric (as at the UN yesterday) attacking continued building of the settlements, even inside already existing ones. Of course, anyone who was following the last serious round of peace negotiations knows the Israelis offered to trade land for those settlements and the Palestinians walked away and started Intifada II. No word from Barack on that, so naturally he’s not too popular in Israel. Only four percent of Israelis think he supports them, according to one poll. His support is supposedly still pretty high among American Jews, but I suspect that is about to tank.

So, evidently, may also Ira N. Forman, CEO of the Jewish Democratic Council. He is quoted today in the Washington Times, going after Minority Whip Eric Cantor who has been a critic of Obama’s Middle East policy: “Mr. Cantor has decided to position himself as the arbiter of who is and who isn’t pro-Israel in this country. Setting aside Cantor’s lack of sterling professional foreign-policy credentials, is it wise for him to set himself up as such a figure?”

Uh-oh, talk about “opening-up” a discussion. Mr. Forman needs lessons from the late Johnnie Cochran. Just what “sterling professional foreign-policy credentials” does the President of the United States have? Zippity-doo-dah, as we used to say in junior high. Nada, rien, bubkus (to use the Yiddish). What credentials Obama had before ascending to the highest post in the land were in the realm of community organizing – and we know where that got us. As for Cantor, I would bet my house on his knowledge of the Middle East vs. the President’s. And I do know for a fact that Cantor has visited the area far more than Obama.

Mr. Forman, wake up. You’ve been had… Or you’ve had yourself.

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