Roger L. Simon

POLIWOOD: The National Endowment for the Arts... ACORN for eggheads?

Yosi_SergantThat’s the intentionally attention-grabbing title Lionel and I have given the new POLIWOOD. The scandal engendered by the conference call from then NEA communications director Yossi Sergant to artists, asking them to support Obama programs in their work, already has gotten Sergant kicked out of his position (actually sideways) and a mealy-mouthed apology from the White House. But there is a larger question. Should the government be involved in the support of the arts at all? I am of two minds. I am highly suspicious of the support of contemporary art, which is almost inherently political. But, as Lionel argues on the show, society has a vested interest in preserving its classic heritage. But what classic heritage? That too is a conundrum. Watch the new POLIWOOD here, older shows here.