PJTV: How John Edwards can resurrect himself

TTMH_Edwards_screengrab01Yes, it’s possible. Foul a dog as he is… John “Two Americas” Edwards can resurrect himself. And I have a prescription for how on my latest Talking Through My Hat, entitlted, duh, “How John Edwards Can Resurrect Himself.” And no, this has nothing to do with his sex life. His resurrection must affect all of us…. And if he follows my prescription, I think it will.


TTMH_Edwards_screengrab03Other Talking Through My Hats here. (resurrection theme artwork by Michelangelo)

UPDATE: Mickey Kaus is right. I did forget about the sex tapes. But I’ll overlook even that (if he promises me I don’t have to watch them) for “tort reform.” Scroll down for Kaus’ comments about Jimmy Carter too. Spot on.


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