Roger L. Simon

Iran: What would you do if you were Prime Minister of Israel?

Lost in healthcare, travel, etc., I was a couple of days late reading the WSJ report Iran Lawmakers Close Ranks, Endorse Ahmadinejad Cabinet: Iran’s parliament endorsed most of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s cabinet nominees, a political victory for the embattled leader and a signal his fractured conservative base will close ranks to keep the regime afloat.

The legislature approved all but three of his 21 choices, including the controversial appointments of the first female minister in the 30-year history of the Islamic Republic and a defense minister wanted by Interpol for a terrorist attack on a Jewish center in Argentina in 1994. Lawmakers broke into cheers of “Death to Israel” and “God is Great” when the approval of the defense minister was announced.

“Death to Israel” right in the parliament itself? Sounds pretty medieval, doesn’t it? Of course, no surprise there. But as per the headline, what would you do if Prime Minister of Israel? When a lot men, including the head of state, say they want to kill, indeed have killed you in this instance, do you take them at their words – or do you just,as some do, dismiss it as an exaggeration, a façon de parler, as they say? Would you act or would you wait until the international community holds some meetings?