Roger L. Simon

"Coming Into Los Angeleeze" - Arlo's a Republican?

I thought I had made a wild and crazy migration, detailed here, but it’s nowhere near as amazing as Arlo Guthrie’s. Before I go any further, for those of you who are under forty and don’t know who Arlo is (or his father Woody), or just want to reminisce about the old days, have a look at this…

Okay, now stick those “keys” back in your steamer trunk, smoking them will just make you fat, and mosey on over to and start reading. Yesireebob, the hero of Woodstock, the son of the iconic left-wing author of “This Land Is Your Land”, opposes the healthcare bill and supports Sarah Palin.

What are we to make of this? Well, maybe the world is upside down. What was cool once is no longer. And some of us are smart enough to know it. [That sounds self-serving.-ed. It is.]

MORE: CNN has its own memories of Woodstock today, but they are nowhere near as sophisticated as Arlo’s (who is referenced in their story singing a duet with Joan Baez.)

FASCINATING FACT: Between Woodstock and today – 40 years. Between Woodstock and the liberation of Auschwitz – 24 years.

(Yes, I know he’s a Ron Paul supporter; nobody’s perfect.)