Roger L. Simon

Talking Through My Hat: Obama's "Plot Against the Doctors"

TTMH_05_still04I take a cheap shot at Obama today by referencing Stalin’s infamous “Plot Against the Doctors” while criticizing the President’s healthcare plan in my latest Talking Through My Hat. But is it such a cheap shot? [Yes, it is.-ed. Okay, but for a reason.] Frankly, this healthcare reform reforms nothing so much as the working conditions of doctors – and for the worse. As you will see if you view the video, I come from a medical family. My father was a doctor and a devoted one. He died of an aneurysm at the age of 70 on the way to treat a patient. My mother found him with his head slumped over the steering wheel, the car still in the garage. Norman Simon was the friend of many distinguished doctors. I grew up around them. I don’t want to say that with Obamacare we will never see the likes of them again – but it’s quite possible.

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