Roger L. Simon

Obama shouldn't bash Bush; he should fire Rahm Emanuel

So far Barack Obama has shown himself to be as clueless as President as he was brilliant running for office. He seemed to hit all the notes on the campaign trail, but since his inauguration he hasn’t been able to hit one. He races around like the proverbial chicken with his head cut off, trying to solve the worlds problems without taking even five minutes to figure out how to do it. He doesn’t even get the obvious – everyone wants him to slow down and think things through. You don’t have to solve health care, the economy and global warming (assuming that’s even a problem) in a week, let alone the Palestinian-Israeli crisis. If you come close to solving even one of them in an administration, you’ve done well. So far the most representative image of this administration is thousand-page legislation that no one has had the time – or possibly the inclination – to read, including, admittedly, the President himself.

One of Obama’s worst mistakes was putting the White House in the hands of Rahm Emanuel, the big mouth who publicly opined “Never waste a good crisis” practically the moment he got in office. Talk about clueless. If that’s what you really think – and you shouldn’t – at least keep your mouth shut. It’s hard to believe he’s the brother of an agent. In any case, Obama seems to be returning to his security blanket – Bush bashing. Meanwhile, Hillary is keeping her eye on the prize. No surprise there, considering what’s going on. My question: will we see a public break between Hillary and Obama? Not likely, but they don’t seem to be working from the same playbook on foreign policy.