Roger L. Simon

The Writers Guild (west) forms a PAC and guess who it's backing?

The WGAW – that’s the West Coast (largest) branch of the union of screen and television writers – has formed its own Political Action Committee (PAC). As a member, I found this out inadvertently a couple of weeks ago when I received a “WGAW PAC Donation Form” along with my normal quarterly guild dues mailing. The guild sends out a regular mailer to all current members for them to record their recent work for dues purposes. [Isn’t attaching a solicitation for a PAC to a regular union mailing illegal under federal law?-ed. I’m not sure but it certainly doesn’t pass the smell test. Maybe some readers will know.]

An excited letter came along with the donation form, trumpeting the success of the PAC. Members of the PAC had already “attended events and met directly with some of our country’s most influential elected leaders, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator Jay Rockefeller, Congressman Henry Waxman, and Senator Diane Feinstein.” You will be “shocked” that not a single Republican was mentioned, not even for cosmetic purposes.

But wait – there’s more. In the very next graph, they proudly announce “Our PAC made a contribution to Writers Guild member and media issue champion Al Franken in his quest to become a Senator from Minnesota.”

Well, it wasn’t my money (although my dues certainly went into sending out the solicitation).

Every time I begin to think conservatives should quit complaining about being discriminated against in Hollywood and just go try to make movies, something like this happens.