Roger L. Simon

Ahmadinejad Admits Affair!

Okay, I just thought I’d try that headline to see if it generates a lot of traffic on RSS. I am also responding to a commenter named “Ted” who, trying to be constructive I am sure, kindly pointed out that I haven’t posted since yesterday, leaving the Sanford hanky-panky at the top, even though my point was that the governor’s love life was sucking all the media air out of crucial matters like Iran. [Is that Ted Kennedy?-ed. Well, that’s one pol you can be sure won’t be calling attention to Sanford’s affairs.]

Maybe the hed should have been “Ahmadinejad Admits Affair – Mousavi Gloats!” but, in any case, the big A-jad news of the day is certainly not admitting any affair – this is one guy we know would never admit anything until they slice his head off – it’s his attack on Obama:

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday called the U.S. president inexperienced, compared him unfavorably to President George W. Bush and suggested he apologize for “interfering in Iran’s affairs.”

“Do you think that this kind of behavior is going to solve any of your problems? It will only make people think you are someone like Bush,” the semiofficial Fars news agency quoted Ahmadinejad as saying.

Ah, Bush Derangement Syndrome. Somebody ought to tell A-jad it’s getting a little passe. By Labor Day, it may even be gone. But A-jad continues: “You are at the beginning of your way and you are gaining experience, and we do not wish the scandals of the Bush era to be repeated during your term of office.”

Wait a minute. Is Ahmadinejad smarter than we think he is? Is he trying to make an ally of Obama? They obviously both have a vested interest in the preservation of Bush Derangement Syndrome. Well, this one depends whether you think Ahmadinejad is crazy like a fox or just plain crazy. It’s probably a little bit of both.

Meanwhile, the protests in Iran seem to be diminishing in size as the violence increases. But something tells me this is not over yet… Although there is one thing that probably is over, Obama’s plan to negotiate with the Iranians. At least I hope it is.