Roger L. Simon

Couric numbers - Drudge thinks they're incredibly low; I'm stunned at how high they are

Five million people still watch the CBS Evening News? Drudge points out those numbers are lower than ever, but I can’t imagine who in the world would want to receive their news in that manner anymore. I mean the whole idea of an anchorman or woman delivering the events of the day is so passive and passé (and weirdly Soviet), it’s mind-boggling to think so many people participate. Well, I guess change is hard and human gullibility endless, but still… You’d think that in the age of the Internet, with so many news sources available, people would want to engage more and surf alternative sources. [Have you even watched the evening news in the last five years?-ed. Nope. If I want to know what they’re saying, I can read the New York Times. That’s where they’re getting it all anyway.]