Roger L. Simon

Senator Pat Geary meet Senator Harry Reid

You all remember Senator Pat Geary, that Nevada senator come to negotiate with Michael Corleone in Godfather II? If somehow you have forgotten, perhaps this clip will jog your memory. (Sorry, it’s in Spanish, but that’s all I could pull up from YouTube.)

Anyway, that was from the good old Reno-Vegas days, when things were still on the upswing and there was money to burn. Times have obviously changed, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping Harry Reid from seeking to run a 25 million dollar campaign for reelection as the Senator from Wynnsville.donreid When looking at Reid in the accompanying photo, I couldn’t but help thinking of GD Spradlin as Senator Geary in the movie, remembering his effusive praise for the new Don Corleone when the Senator came to a party at the young don’s home on Lake Tahoe. Reid knows who his don is too. He said of President Obama that “his heart is bigger than any heart in the world.” Indeed at a Vegas fundraiser on Tuesday night, donors paid $29,600 each to the Reid campaign for the honor of being photographed with President Obama. [Where did they come up with that figure?-ed. Maybe it translates into an easy round number in renminbi.)