Roger L. Simon

Hello, Barack... This is the real Iran [video]

Barack Obama and his junior partner Susan Rice think the way to deal with the Iranian regime is to talk with them. These are also the same folks who got their noses way out of joint about the behavior of US troops in Abu Ghraib. Indeed, that behavior wasn’t terrific. Nor was the action of our soldier who tossed a Koran down the toilet in Gitmo. (Oh, wait, Newsweek admitted they made that one up.) Anyway, if the Obama administration is interested in the real behavior of the Islamic Republic of Iran (not sure that they are, but if…) , they could do worse than to watch the video at this link dated today – May 14, 2009. It’s footage of young Iranian being hung in public in the city of Kerman-Shah, province of Kurdistan. {Warning: very graphic] It would be interesting to see how they feel about negotiating after they had viewed it.