Roger L. Simon

Barack the Jabberer and something to be grateful for

What a strange pass we are in. Our economy is in shambles – or at least we are told that it is – and we have a President without the basic common sense to prevent some of the very people who helped ruin it to be rewarded with millions of dollars. Meanwhile, we learn that our pockets – and the pockets of our children – are being raided to bail out foreign banks.

Yes, I know all this is a tad more complicated, but public perception (my perception and yours as well, for the most part) is substantially that. We have moved from someone who was inarticulate in the White House to someone who just… jabbers on. Barrack the Jabberer. It’s hard even to take seriously his “progressive” desire to reform America. It all seems like a pose – just like his outrage at the AIG Execs who are taking the over-sized bonuses. Wasn’t he aware of the effect of his own legislation?

But be grateful for this – at least Chris Dodd isn’t President!