Economic Chaos Update: Will there be a 'Chicago Tea Party'?

By now half the Internet may have witnessed the ‘Chicago Tea Party‘ video from CNBC’s Rick Santelli. It’s a lot funnier than anything on Saturday Night Live in recent years and simultaneously a lot scarier. [Are we talking Dr. Strangelove here?-ed. Well, not quite, but you know what I mean.]


From the evidence of the reaction on the floor of the Chicago Exchange, a helluva lot of people are fed up (to say the least) with Obama’s mortgage plan. My own personal survey says a lot of people are fed up with many, if not all, aspects of the President’s astoundingly ad hoc economic plans. This man is making me nostalgic for Clinton and Bush and managed to do it in a matter of weeks. Even most of my liberal friends are now panicked for their futures.

So is a ‘Chicago Tea Party’ on the horizon, with Boomers spilling trendy herbal teas in Lake Michigan? As it happens, I will be in Chicago on Monday promoting you-know-what and will look into this for PJTV. See you then.

UPDATE: I will be signing “Blacklisting Myself” in Chicago on Monday (Feb 23) evening from 6:30P (local time) onwards at Sullivan’s Steakhouse, 415 N. Dearborn at the behest of the America’s Future Foundation. Have a book, have a martini, have a steak, in whatever order you want. (Maybe even some tea.) Event will be in upstairs room, I am told.


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