Roger L. Simon

The Importance of Being Nancy - part 327

That Nancy Pelosi.  Call her a liberal or a progressive or just a rich lady from San Francisco who happens to be the third in line for the presidency, she certainly has odd ideas about basic economics. [She does look good for someone about to be 69.-ed. I’ll give her that.] Now she is telling us that birth control funding is good for the economy and should be part of the stimulus plan. [No jokes, please.-ed.  Don’t worry about it.]

Now I’m all for people being careful and not spraying babies in their wake, but didn’t anyone ever tell Nancy that our economy hinges on population expansion for our general welfare?  I know some people are too wealthy not to worry about social security and the myriad pension plans on which the majority depends for their retirement, but the rest of us know the elementary truth – they are high-toned Ponzi schemes.  Without a burgeoning population they don’t work.  We’re all sunk.  

Of course, much of what Nancy says appears stuck in time and very old fashioned.  In this case her thinking never seems to have advanced past Paul Ehrlich’s now widely discredited The Population Bomb (1968).  As we know, some countries in Europe are having trouble maintaining their populations.  Is this what Nancy wants for the US? One of the reasons I left the liberal fold is that I found the thinking ye olde.  Conservatism hasn’t renewed itself much either, but liberalism is practically sclerotic.