Roger L. Simon

Poliwood: Academy Award time - do we need it?

Lionel Chetwynd and I have both been in the Motion Picture Academy since, in the words of the immortal Chick Hearn, “Hector was a pup.” [Who was Hector? Some old dog of Hearn’s?-ed. Either that or some fool who got on the wrong side of Achilles.]  So we have plenty to say about the Academy Awards and where they’ve gone over the years.  For one thing, we both agree that – despite Al Gore’s increasingly absurd Oscar – the awards are pretty much an honest election, whether you agree with the results or not.  In any case, those of you who are interested in our opinion of the Oscars, check out the latest Poliwood (free with registration). We even show a real, live nomination ballot (first time on TV, to my knowledge).  Coming up: The Wrestler and Gran Torino. All Poliwoods here.