Roger L. Simon

Blacklisting Myself: doing the Facebook thing

Over the weekend and a few short weeks before publication I started a Facebook Group for my new book Blacklisting Myself.  I could be cute and say “I was just doing the trendy New Media thing,” but actually I am kind of intrigued by the process.  It sets up an immediate response mechanism with readers that is rather impressive. As of this writing 244 people have joined as members.  I don’t know whether that’s a good or bad number in the time allotted, but it’s enough for a dialogue and I assume (hope) it will grow as the book is  published and reviews and advertising roll in. [It better or you’re sunk.-ed.  No, I’ll just dismiss Facebook as a fad.]  I would be flattered if any of you who are of a mind to read my book, join the group and engage. (It’s what they call an “open group” on FB.)  I promise to post all reviews – even the bad ones – unless they are by…. [I told you not to publish his name. He’ll link this.-ed.  Okay, okay.]