Roger L. Simon

The media holds their breaths: More Thoughts on Blagojevich from the Stanley Mosk Courthouse

I am typing this post from a sidewalk restaurant opposite the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in LA (where it’s 73 and clear – eat your heart out).  I am here because I may be serving on a  jury. I am currently in the midst of the voir dire, so I cannot say yet whether I will serve. In the past my mystery writing has made the lawyers suspicious and I didn’t last long, but this is a civil case.

Anyway, it’s an appropriate spot to comment on Blagogate – or whatever it’s called.  This is now going past what an obvious creep or even psycho the Illinois governor is to more important issues, such as how people like that come to serve.  [Worked for Caligula.-ed.  Yeah, but that was Rome.  Well….?]

I recognize that the estimable cfbleachers and other smart commenters on here think that I went overboard in my criticism of Chicago, but, although I’ve always had great fun there and love the architecture, pizza, etc., there are reasons things happen in certain places, at least sometimes.

On the other hand, we are all Chicago.  And beyond that is the deeper issue of what sorts of personalities are attracted to our politics.  And then there’s the role of the media in all this, obviously ideologically biased in their coverage of politicians.  The Chicago Trib, which is in the middle of this case, is to be praised for keeping their collective mouths shut, especially since that paper, as we all know, is in deep jeopardy.

But the media at large is a different matter.  Having been so casual in the investigation of Obama’s background during the campaign, they must be holding their collective breaths, not mouths, this time.  Shoes are starting to drop before the inauguration.  What if a lot more drop.  What a disgrace to our media.  How shameful.  They deserve to go out of business.