Roger L. Simon

There's no business like global warming business

As one who has made a film or two, I can’t understand why it takes a movie for people to come to conclusions (tentative or otherwise) about global warming – whether that film be this unfinished one or Al Gore’s. The degree of anthropogenic global warming would seem to be a subject for on-going (and constantly revised) scientific study, not the source of cinematic fame.

Yet it would seem in this post Michael Moore era that primary way we communicate on these serious matters is in the movie theater. Hmmm…. Anyway, while in New York, I was able to interview Roy Spencer, a former NASA scientist and author of Climate Confusion, on his latest thoughts on the subject. Unlike the movie above, you will not have to wait until they appear in a “theater near you” but will be available on Pajamas TV in the next day or so. Watch for a link here. Spencer apparently thinks his global warming skepticism has been validated by the latest satellite information. (Satellite data are his area of expertise.) Please note that (unlike Al Gore) I do not consider myself sufficiently trained to evaluate this. Also, please remember that no matter what the level of AGW, energy independence is still a necessity for the security and economic health of our country. So we must find alternative systems anyway, though perhaps not with the same level of panic.