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The Gay Marriage Perplex

Gay marriage supporters are depressed about the results of Tuesday's election with propositions defining marriage as between a man and a woman passing in several states.  Christian Conservatives are simultaneously flexing their muscles.

I don't see it that way at all.

Consider the vote on California Prop 8, the most closely watched such proposition in the country.  Ironically assisted by the large African American turnout for Obama--African Americans oppose gay marriage far more than other ethnic and racial groups--the proposition passed by about 5%.  The trend looks bad for gay marriage adherents.

But wait.  Only eight years ago, the similar Proposition 22 passed by a whopping 23%.  There's a trend here alright - and it is in favor of gay marriage.  In California at least, with young people increasingly accepting of their gay peers, in a very few years same sex marriage should be a done deal.  And by popular vote, not court fiat.