Roger L. Simon

Get offa my cloud: Reactionary Obama ejects oppo media from his plane

I used to think  the fear of reinstatement of the Orwellianly-titled  “Fairness Doctrine” in an Obama administration was just a paranoid fantasy–they couldn’t be that extreme–but when I read today on Drudge that the Obama people have ejected the New York Post, Dallas Morning News and the Washington Times from their campaign plane, I knew it was time to reconsider. (Drudge is confirmed by the Wash Times here.) They have 90% of the MSM with them already.  Does it have to be a hundred percent? If these dudes, riding high as they are, can pull a stunt like that, think how they will behave when times are tough for them.  Hello, Animal Farm!

So this is the change and hope we’ve been hearing about… America the Censored. Well, I guess I can see why Obama wants to talk with Ahmadinejad.  They think alike.  [He should do well with the Chinese too.-ed.]