Roger L. Simon

Drew Griffin: Is it the news or is it CNN?

When I first saw the now-famous CNN segment in which their reporter Drew Griffin sandbagged Sarah Palin by distorting a Byron York National Review article in such an egregious manner, I wondered what would happen to Griffin.  As the man charged with such decisions at the small  (but growing) Pajamas Media, I know what I would do in an instance like this.  Unless there was some excuse unknown to me—hard to imagine what that would be—I would let Griffin go.

But then I remembered, this is CNN, the network whose values we learned so well back in April 2003 when Eason Jordan—their chief news executive– admitted in the New York Times the network was willing to downplay the viciousness of Saddam Hussein in order to gain access to his dictatorship.  If you are willing to overlook rape rooms, routine defenestration, tongues being cut out, etc., what are a few cheap lies to a vice-presidential candidate?

Well, probably a lot, because Palin is certainly the most maligned candidate it my (increasingly long) lifetime.  It’s hard for anybody to know what’s true in the welter of disinformation about her. But lots of people are drawing conclusions.  That’s our media.

BUT… I wouldn’t go so far as Michael Moore and say this is proof of the existence of God… It is, however, at least an indication that the laws of karma are at work.