Roger L. Simon

Ay, Chihuahua! Political films continue to bomb

Or should we say “Hix nix left pix“?  We could – but they also nix right pix, at least of late. An American Carol, which opened poorly to begin with, sank nearly 60% further this weekend.  Of course that film, according to the Box Office Mojo, cost only 20 million, while the left-wing offering of this weekend – Body of Lies – cost an estimated 70. Body grossed 13 million on its opening weekend – not very auspicious, in fact downright embarrassing, for a film starring Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio.


Valley of Elah, Rendition… the hits, as they say, keep on coming. When will they ever learn? Probably never (or not soon) if an Obama administration comes on the scene.

Meanwhile, the public, those fools, are off seeing Beverly Hills Chihuahua, which leads the pack for the second week in everything including the all-important per screen average.  I haven’t seen it yet but plan on having a look with my daughter.  As for Body of Lies, I’ll wait for the Academy Screener and see how long it lasts in my DVD player. [Probably ten minutes.-ed. Hey, life is short and there’s always another season of Top Chef.]

And for another dose of truth on Hollywood, check out the words of my friend Andrew Klavan in today’s WaPo.

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