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Is Joe Biden trying to sabotage Obama?

I don't know if it's conscious or unconscious, but it sure seems that way.  First there's the flip-flop on AIG, which seems to have caught his running mate's attention,  and now there's the senior moment of senior moments, implying FDR was President when the stock market crashed in '29 and went on television (???) to calm the public. [I thought McCain was the geezer candidate.-ed.  It's all in the mind... or mind-less.]  If Palin had said something like that, the MSM would have sent her back to Alaska and frozen her in an iceberg with the wooly mammoths.

So what's going on here? Is Biden trying to sabotage Obama? We all know that during the  primary campaign he said McCain was prepared to be President but Obama wasn't. Maybe that's what he really thinks.  And, as we all know, Biden has a high IQ - at least he says so.