Roger L. Simon

Redemption Step #1 - USA 101-China 70

Will the Redeem Team redeem? So far so good as they cruised past China in their Olympic opener (watched by ths fanatic on streaming video at

Better yet, best player for the Chinese team – the one who looked NBA level (besides Yao Ming, of course) – was Sun Yue.  He just signed with another team that has something to redeem.

UPDATE:  According to Sparks star Lisa Leslie (my daughter’s favorite and one of the best female basketball players ever) “Kobe is the Man at the Beijing Olympics.”(seen here in stands for women’s game) chinesekobe.jpg

AND SPEAKING OF SPORTS: One of my favorite performers has died in a sporting manner that is truly scary.  (I try to get on my elliptical machine at least four times a week.)