Roger L. Simon

John Edwards Story: Two big losers so far

Now that the GAC (Great American Creep) John Edwards has done his version of the “limited hangout” on ABC, we can immediately access what we have learned so far, who the big losers are:

1. The MSM. When it comes to the news, the National Enquirer (and various blogs) are vastly superior to the Mainstream Media and functionally more honest.  The New York Times is no longer where you go for the news… but we knew that.  I predict the Times and others will not examine their own values and ideology after this because they have too much vested in their world view.  They fear personality disintegration.

2. The far (but very bourgeois) left., the Daily Kos and the gang that thought Edwards was the bees’ knees when he was spouting his banal pseudo-populist rhetoric about the “two Americas” ought to look inside themselves and consider what kind of man they were believing and idolizing.  They ought to examine the role of highflown rhetoric in general.  Will they?  I doubt it.  But they should.

As for Edwards himself, he is one of the more contemptible politicians to come along in some time (and that’s saying something).  There is no reason to believe anything he has said.  That he claims not to be the father of the child without taking a paternity test is laughable.