Roger L. Simon

Projection? Obama calls McCain 'Cynical'

It doesn’t take Rasmussen to tell us that a high percentage of the pronouncements of politicians are projections.  Call the other guy what you fear you are.  Recently, Obama has called McCain “cynical.”

“In no way do I think John McCain’s campaign was racist. I think they are cynical,” Obama said. “Their team is good at creating distractions and engaging in negative attacks.”

Hmm… but the same AP article where I found this quote had the following but two paragraphs higher …

Obama may have given McCain more fodder [for his cynicism, evidently] in recent days by announcing a readiness to compromise with Republicans on offshore oil drilling — which he had opposed — and apparently rejecting McCain’s challenge to join him in a series of town hall meetings.

Rejecting a challenge to join McCain in town hall meetings?  That means not wanting to confront the people or his opponent about the issues in a spontaneous manner. That sounds pretty cynical, non? [Or chicken.-ed.  That’s what people call me. No, that’s a chicken hawk. Oh, right.]

UPDATE: I have been pretty busy all day – back in LA – and somehow missed this (Obama’s rock-star lavish campaign jet).  I am stunned at how unsophisticated Obama really is.  Does he think that the American public is impressed with a 46-year old with little or no experience, acting like le roi soleil in a campaign plane that already dwarfs Air Force One?  It’s as if his people were secretly working for the McCain Campaign, setting them up with one opportunity after the other. All the McCain folks have to do now is make an ad showing shots of McCain carrying own luggage, as he did last summer, juxtaposed with this cushy nonsense. Global warming,my fat hen! Is Obama the new John Edwards… not for his personal behavior (Michelle would brain him upside the head), but for his tone deaf entitlement? pres.jpg