Roger L. Simon

I read notes in the Western Wall, but they weren't Obama's

And, to make matters worse, the notes were entrusted to me personally and in confidence to wedge between the cracks in the Herodian stones. But I read them in advance! So – whether or not Obama’s people leaked the candidate’s “message to his Maker” left in the Western Wall (see Maariv via Instapundit) – I cannot go on longer with my own intolerable guilt and must come clean now.  I broke the sacred trust!

Here are the circumstances:

About twenty years ago I was traveling in Israel to research a novel.  My companion for a few days (name withheld to protect the semi-innocent) was a William Morris Agent. That agent, a woman, had to return to the US ahead of me and realized she had forgotten to deposit about a half-dozen messages in the cracks of the Wall. The messages were from secretaries and assistants who work at William Morris.  I agreed to take them and the agent left me with those half-dozen folded messages with the admonition not to read them.

Yes, I opened them. And I read them.  And, yes, they all said the same thing and, sadly, there is probably not one reader who could not predict it.  [Dear Lord, help me find a nice Jewish man.-ed.  Right the first time.]

Now, I wonder, what did Obama’s message say? [Dear Lord, help me find a nice Jewish vote.-ed.  Right again!]