Roger L. Simon

There's No Business Like Foreign Policy Business

According to the NYT, Obama has a brain trust of 300 (!) foreign policy advisers.  Talk about dizzying.  It’s a little hard to sift through five opinions let along 300.  But so it goes.  The man clearly wants to burnish his foreign policy bona  fides.  But it’s reassuring, at least in part.  If you page through the list, you find many familiar names who have worked in the field for years for various administrations.  [Who hasn’t Dennis Ross worked for?-ed.]

Still, you have to look at this list as a giant application form for job-seeking foreign policy journeymen.  A few weeks back when it looked as if Obama was a slam-dunk for the presidency, they were probably signing up in droves.  Now, with the election tightening, perhaps some of them will consider signing up with McCain.  Of course, then they might have to deal with someone who already has his own opinions about the subject.  Obama seems like a tabula rasa.