Roger L. Simon

Of Ayatollahs, the CIA, Pajamas Media and Drudge

Pajamas Media and some of its sites slowed down this morning because of a Drudge link to our article from “Reza Khalili,” a former US intelligence agent inside Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.  I also interviewed this man who is now living undercover in US, working on a book.  A transcript of our interview is here.

So my weekend was filled with hocus-pocus giving me new appreciaton of Seymour Hersh. [No, don’t say that.-ed.  I was kidding.]  It is difficult, however, to ascertain truth in what you are being told by people “coming in from the cold”, in part because they do not know.  They only see part of the truth themselves.  No one sees it all.  I could go all epistemological here, but you get that point. I imagine that’s one reason it takes so long to debrief these people. We will be further “debriefing” Mr. Khalali.