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More Bad News for Obama: Frank Rich Prefers "Wall-E"

La Arianna was not enough.  Now that other tastemeister of the GOTL (Grand Old Traditional Left) Frank Rich is on Obama's case, advising the candidate to see "Wall-E" and return to his "Hope/Change" roots. The drama critic turned political pundit is also attacking McCain for, of all things, praising the landscape of Cartegena, Colombia.

“I know Americans are hurting very badly right now,” he explained, channeling the first George Bush’s “Message: I care.” As he spoke, those hurting Americans could feast on the gorgeous flora and fauna of the Cartagena, Colombia, tourist vista serving as his backdrop. “It’s really lovely here,” Mr. McCain said. Since he can’t drop us an e-mail, a video postcard will have to do.

Ah, the sophisticated voice of the Zabar's Zeitgetst.  I liked "Wall-E" (more for its criticism of passivity than its trendy environmentalism) but reading  Rich almost made me change my mind.