Roger L. Simon


I wonder if I am alone in thinking that Al Gore’s trumpeted “environmentalism” is counter-productive, turning more people off than it inspires, and not just because of the endless hypocrisy. For most of my life I have considered myself environmental in my outlook. I don’t remember when I first joined the Sierra Club, but I suspect it was around 1970 when I used to go backpacking on the John Muir Trail. I did my best to “take only pictures, leave only foot prints” as the saying went then. But I didn’t think there was something special about me. Most people who went hiking in the Sierras in those days treated the wilderness well, trucked out their own garbage, etc. It seemed the natural thing to do.

And that’s the point. Gore and his acolytes have taken what is natural decent behavior and turned it into a self-righteous cause. It becomes about him – and not the environment really. Personally I fee1 hectored. It makes me suspicious of his “facts” as well. In the end, Al Gore makes me want to buy an Escalade and pitch Big Mac wrappers out the window. (Of course, I didn’t. I bought a Prius. But it sure wasn’t because of Gore.)