Roger L. Simon

How Obama can solve his Jewish problem

People make crazy mistakes when they sense they are in trouble. It’s pretty obvious in the post Jeremiah Wright world that Obama is in trouble with the Jews. He could even be in bigger trouble than we know, from internal polling…. So like a white man appealing to blacks in the old days, he trots out the hoary “Some of my best friends are.. [gay, black, Jewish, Puerto Rican, fill in the blanks]…” argument. Only in this case he went for the brass ring by hitting the Holocaust button into the bargain. But unfortunately, like a desperate man, he missed, hitting his finger up to his knuckle by telling us it was his uncle [sic] who helped liberate Auschwitz when anyone who knows anything about the Holocaust knows the camp was liberated by the Soviets. It’s basic World War II history. His embarrassed campaign then had to back track to explain their harried candidate had meant his great uncle had liberated (sort of) Buchenwald.

Okay. This stuff happens. But Obama still has his Jewish problem. So here’s a simple solution. Why not get to the crux of the matter and apologize to the Jewish community the way any Jew who had spent twenty years in the synagogue of an anti-black rabbi would have to apologize to the African American community if that Jew were running for office? Obama made a big mistake, probably for his own gain. The truth is the only thing that will set him… and the rest of us… free.

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