Roger L. Simon

Is Obama the Greatest Machine Politician of Our Time?

Sounds like an exaggeration, doesn’t it? But I’m not so sure. He and his cronies have already made mince-meat of the so-called Clinton machine, and we know Bill is no slouch in this regard.

No, Obama gets the nod for several reasons, not the least of which is he has been able to hide so brilliantly under the mantle of “new politics” when his style is as old as Boss Tweed and as monolithic as the Mayors Daley from his hometown of Chicago. But he’s done Tweed and the Daleys one better because he’s got the nitwits in the national press eating out the palm of his hand as well. Those bozos bought into the Politics of Hope crapola from the get-go. Obama can go around accusing McCain of hobnobbing with lobbyists, being a warmonger, you name it, and they lap it up. Meanwhile they wouldn’t dare print anything nasty about Barack, even when it bites them in the foot. Can you imagine what chance McCain would have if he had spent twenty years in a racist minister’s church and then titled his book after a sermon from the minister? McCain would have had to retire to Fiji, but Obama is running for President, decimating his opposition. Has there ever been a more brilliant, machine-like political move than that? And now there’s the implication that Obama’s campaign manager might have been…ohmygosh… a lobbyist in good old Chi-town? How much mileage is that going to get in the MSM? Think it’s going to make it to the front page of the NYT along with story about McCain’s putative girl friend? I wouldn’t hold my breath, but I might my nose.

[Maybe we should start calling Obama “The Machine.”-ed. No. Absolutely not. A desecration. That moniker is reserved for the one and only Sasha Vujacic… unless he loses tomorrow.]