Roger L. Simon

The NYT: "Let's SPIN again, like we did last summer..."

Not to be outdone by Chubby Checker, the New York Times’ Adam Nagourney offers a virtual ‘festival of spin’ in his article today – Some Republicans sense disorder in McCain campaign. It’s hard to count the unattributed statements and quotes because there are so many of them. This is, of course, not journalism but opinion writing at its most insidious because it masquerades as journalism. Facts and factoids are sprinkled about to create an appearance of objectivity where none exists or is, most probably, even possible in such an article. It is a punctuated by a brooding photo of McCain, as if to underline the candidate’s deep troubles, not to mention the continuing imputations of his bad temper.

Of course, the New York Times and Mr. Nagourney are entitled to their opinions, just as you and I are. But as we all know, it’s the phony pretense of lack of bias that is the problem.

My question to you – is unbiased reporting even possible? If you think it is, how would you go about it?