Roger L. Simon

Finishing a book

Some time ago… I think Shaq was still playing for the Lakers and there wasn’t more than one Spiderman movie… I signed up to do a memoir for Encounter Books. Then life intervened – meaning for the first time in my life I found myself running a company. Writing a book wasn’t quite as easy as it used to be – and it was never that easy.

Anyway, behind the scenes and in the small hours of the morning I soldiered on. Other than the editorial process – correcting my spelling, grammar, diction, punctuation, organization, thought process and ideas… not to mention those pesky fact – I’m pretty much finished this weekend. Title: BLACKLISTING MYSELF – Memoir of a Hollywood Apostate in an Age of Terror. It’ll be out in 2009. The folks at Encounter are working on a groovy film noir cover.