Roger L. Simon

Climate Change - the real 57-variety pop quiz

Barack Obama had his junior “senior moment” the other day, mixing up our 50 states with varieties of Heinz ketchup (Freudian slip?). Marc Ambinder is correct when he notes that the media would have been all over this had McCain made this gaffe.

But if you want to see some real gaffes, as opposed to the normal fatigue-induced version above, ask any of the candidates a serious scientific question about climate change, even though they all seem to have an opinion about it. Now I went to the same Ivy League schools most of them did and did considerably better academically than George W. Bush, John Kerry and Al Gore (It wasn’t that hard, I might add. I wasn’t exceptional). But I couldn’t answer those questions with authority. I know this all the more from just having finished Climate Confusion by former NASA scientist Roy Spencer. Climatology is complicated stuff. Not for beginners. I wonder if any of our politicians could really understand it after reading the book. Yet they have assured opinions on the subject. Lucky for them the media is equally uneducated. They wouldn’t even know how to pose the questions.