Roger L. Simon

While America plays primary poker... Iran plays centrifuge

It’s disturbing to read the latest about Iran’s nuclear program in the midst of a primary campaign where the big issue issue of the week was whether to roll back the summer gas tax. You never know about the reliabity of these reports, of course, but this new one from the JPost contains this tidbit: Israel is also concerned that Teheran is developing a cruise missile that can evade interception by the Arrow, the IDF’s anti-ballistic missile defense system. Iran is suspected of having smuggled Ukrainian X-55 cruise missiles and using them as models for an independent, domestic project. A cruise missile, which flies at low altitudes to dodge radar detection and interception, could be used to carry a nuclear warhead.

Many try to throw cold water on alarmist Israeli reports like this one, but I would remind us all of one thing. Nuclear weapons are mid-1940s technology. This is 2008.