Roger L. Simon

Reactionary Rich Tells a Whopper!

Yes, I love to call pseudo-liberals reactionaries and none more than Frank Rich who gave me plenty of ammunition in his part-silly, part desperate column today: The All-White Elephant in the Room. Hoping, I suppose, to rescue Obama’s cratering campaign, he again tries to generate some equivalence been Hagee’s support for McCain and the Wright-Obama relationship. Rich gives us the crux here: Mr. McCain says he does not endorse any of Mr. Hagee’s calumnies, any more than Barack Obama endorses Mr. Wright’s. But those who try to give Mr. McCain a pass for his embrace of a problematic preacher have a thin case. It boils down to this: Mr. McCain was not a parishioner for 20 years at Mr. Hagee’s church.


Now there’s an understatement. Let’s go over this for those who have spent the last few months an Alpha Centauri. OBama chose to join Wright’s church. Wright married the Obamas and baptized their children. Not only that… and here’s the most important part… Obama was so in love with the Quotations of Chairman Jeremiah that he chose them for the title and theme of his book “The Audacity of Hope.”

Okay, now go over with me one more time McCain’s relationship with Hagee. Shame on Frank Rich. He’s so full of it, it’s coming out of his ears. (And he plays the race card… Quelle reactionnaire!)

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