Roger L. Simon

The sadness of our times-Rev. Eric Lee

An interview I did with Daphna Ziman concerning remarks made by a man named Reverend Eric Lee is now up on Pajamas. Since doing the interview and writing the accompanying text, I have learned that Reverend Lee has written a response, which I had read over the phone to me. I want to read it in detail, but from what I gathered he essentially acknowledges that Ziman is correct, at least in part, in what she said he said. Lee seems genuinely to espouse the belief that African-Americans should only reconcile with Jews if Jews apologize for the supposed evil stereotypes they created of blacks via, I assume, the movies. I wonder if Lee means that Jew Stanley Kramer who made Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner and The Defiant Ones. Or that Jew Ed Zwick who directed Glory? Maybe he’s talking about me for scripting Richard Pryor’s Bustin’ Loose? It’s not the greatest film in the world (though it did win an Image Award that year from the NAACP), but if I was trucking in black stereotypes, I’d like to know. Richard might have too, if he were with us. Or what Jew does Lee really mean? I’d like to see him name names. I’ll name one – The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Lee is reading from that old racist playback. He is a racist himself.