Roger L. Simon

Is Sen. Robert Casey Jr. auditioning for national dunce...

… or is he secretly planning a new career as a late-night infomercial huckster if things go belly up for the Pennsylvania senator? It would have to be one or the other given the senator’s recent statement while endorsing Obama: “I believe in this guy like I’ve never believed in a candidate in my life.” You’d think by now no sentient adult would make such a comment about any politician. But it certainly works for tomato slicers, exercise machines, etc. [What about a third reading- he doesn’t believe in Obama at all? – ed. You are cynical.]

Speaking of Obama, he certainly is looking good this morning. If he is nominated, I am not looking forward to the general election. It could be bleak time indeed as the question of race comes into the campaign in an ugly manner from many unpredictable directions.