Roger L. Simon

Annals of the Liberal Blogosphere - It's the Media, stupid!

I had to smile when reading how the liberal blogosphere–convoking in Philly at Eschacon ’08 under the aegis of, one assumes, the mighty Eschaton–have got their knickers in the proverbial twist at the namby-pamby way the media treats McCain (except when they don’t). The libobloggers aren’t going to put up with this nonsense. They’re going after… wait for this… Chris Matthews who apparently likes McCain “as a person.” That’s better than a lot of Republicans. Of course, there are few the right despises more these days than Matthews. Meanwhile, I wonder what the Eschaton crowd would think of Hillary consorting with Richard Mellon Scaife, who seems to be playing namby-pamby with Clinton. My poor head is spinning here. I can’t keep up with all this. I think I’m going to go call Woody Allen and see if he remembers my mantra.