Roger L. Simon

Obama in free fall.... but against McCain, not Hillary

Mickey Kaus says that Obama’s good numbers in a North Carolina poll indicate that his March 18th speech had the “Wright stuff.” Mebbe so… at least in so far as the primaries are concerned. But the Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll for the general election tells a different story. McCain’s margin over Obama has been widening consistently since mid-March when the Wright story broke wide. March 18th had no discernible impact on this trend. My guess is that after Obama wins the nomination he’s going to be looking frantically for a big time Sister Souljah moment… Otherwise he’s in deep trouble.
This isn’t going to help either. Or this.

Of course, there are tedious blowhards like this that could still help Obama. [Maybe LeBoutillier is just trying to attract attention.-ed. Well, he got a link from me. He’s also semi-literate. He swallowed the MSM line that Iran wasn’t training Al Qaeda terrorists. He probably doesn’t even read his own website.]