Roger L. Simon

How to read the propagandistic drivel at the New York Times

Long ago in a universe far away, the New York Times published the news. Now they publish “think pieces”, which are basically filler with an ideological tinge or should I call it frisson? You can usually recognize this pabulum from a pretty far distance–it almost always prominently placed on the front page–and has a title like today’s “Obama’s promise of a new majority, and the question it prompts“. These articles are almost always several hundred or more words long with many “experts” marshaled for their opinions. Reading them can be time-consuming. What to do?

The tip of the day – skip to end! The whole point of the piece is in the last three paragraphs or so – neatly buttoned up in New York Times speak in the last sentence. For the latest article:

So far, Republicans give every indication of planning to portray Obama as a big-government liberal out of touch with American values and unprepared to be commander in chief.

“When you’re rated by National Journal as to the left of Ted Kennedy and Bernie Sanders, that’s going to be difficult to explain,” said Danny Diaz , a spokesman for the Republican National Committee.

But Democrats supporting Obama argue that the voters have moved beyond those ideological attacks.

So there you have it – all tied up at the end lest you be confused. Why bother to read anything else?