Roger L. Simon

Cheney's Trip: Should the US Be Reining in Oil Prices?

Sure, in the short run, it would be a good thing. But in the long run, I think Dick Cheney’s apparent mission (to convince King Abdullah to lower oil prices) takes the eye way off the ball and is an example of the political “old thinking” we’re getting on both sides of the aisle these days. In some ways, Cheney seems like a junkie begging for a lower price on his drug. Enough already. Forget Abdullah. Our society should make a mission of getting off foreign oil and onto new and old (nuclear) technologies. Otherwise we will remain whores to religious psychopaths (Saudi Arabia, Iran) and just plain psychopaths ((Venezuela). Why not some real creativity from our politicians instead of the same old drivel? (That includes Obama, who sounds like a refugee from a Sincalir Lewis novel.)