Roger L. Simon

CBS shoots itself in the foot - again

Run, don’t walk, over to Power Line where John Hinderaker has, once again, eviscerated the gang at CBS/60 Minutes. It’s almost incredible, when you think about it. CBS is the network that gave us Dan Rather and is now being sued by the anchorman they fired for his obvious prevarications on 60 Minutes. And now the 60 Minutes crew is at it again.

This time Hinderaker takes apart their new story on Don Siegelman/Jill Simpson. Maybe CBS now will accuse John, also once again, of being “some guy in his pajamas” as some semi-literate factotum over there did during the Rather affair. Déjà vu all over again, as the great Mr. Berra told us. We can add the famous clichés from Lord Acton and Santayana into the bargain.

What amazes me about the mainstream media – the New York Times last week with their puerile hit job on McCain and now CBS- is how deeply unsophisticated they are. Bloggers are supposed to be the rubes, but it’s the other way around.

But go read Hinderaker. He did his homework on this one.