Roger L. Simon

[NAFTA] Lies the Candidates Told Me

Are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton secretly working for John McCain? Maybe those old Karl Rove behind it all rumors are true. How else to explain the idiotic mess the two Democratic candidates have gotten themselves into over NAFTA? As almost everyone knows, compared to most trade agreements, NAFTA works. By almost any standard, the economies throughout North America have improved since NAFTA’s inception, even poor Mexico’s (despite it’s being so “far from God and so close to Texas,” etc.)

In whoring after votes in the Rust Belt, however, Clinton and Obama vie against each other with fake protectionism they never intend to carry out, those handing a club to McCain, which he is well advised to take. Clinton and Obama may call themselves liberal, but the word is reduced to gibberish in the context of their policies, which are inherently reactionary.